My first experience with Elixir

João Augusto Laner
1 min readFeb 25, 2021


Today I want to talk about my first experience developing with Elixir.

During this week Rocketseat has made a custom trail for Elixir development in their event called NLW (Next Level Week), which has a purpose to bring all developers to the next stage in their careers.

As the week proceeds, new concepts of functional paradigm and the language are introduced to the public, names as Pattern Matching* and Pipe Operators* that helps you build a concise and clean software.

Pattern Matching is based on the concept of Immutability*, that explains that each variable is immutable, or, it cannot change directly. To change a structure in Elixir, we need to make a copy of that variable and then mutate it.

Elixir is also based on a Erlang VM which makes the software compatible almost everywhere.

As my experience with Elixir increases I will periodically update some posts here, as well comment on some technical parts of the language.

For now I’ll leave here the docs and the new frameworks of the language:

Web — Phoenix Framework

Machine Learning — Numerical Elixir (Nx)

IoT — Nerves Platform (